Who Takes Control of Your Digital Assets When You Die?

digital assets

As you consider what you will pass on to your heirs and other beneficiaries, do not overlook your digital assets. If your virtual property – anything from digital music you’ve bought to website content, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies – has value, then proper estate planning can ensure you’ve designated what happens to it when you’re…

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Dying Without a Will — NC Intestate Chart

Dying Without a Will in North Carolina In North Carolina, when you die without a will, it is known as having a dying “intestate”, meaning that a local probate court will appoint an administrator to distribute your assets according to the requirements of North Carolina probate law. They must follow state intestacy laws that try to…

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Attorney Andrew Cobin Interviewed on WPTF

andrew cobin estate planning lawyer

Attorney Andrew J. Cobin, a partner at Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC, recently appeared on a segment of WPTF’s Triangle Afternoon News program to answer questions about wills and estate planning with radio hosts Rick and Donna Martinez. He discussed some of the basics of planning for the various phases of life. Andrew Cobin concentrates…

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How to Handle Estate Planning Amid Family Friction

man and a woman having a financial argument over an inheritance

Often the biggest obstacle to estate planning revolves around family dynamics. How parents, children, siblings and others interact with one another can guide or derail a plan for efficiently transferring assets from one generation to the next. The start of the estate planning process can stir up family friction if discussions of inheritance begin and some…

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Where to Safely Store Your Estate Planning Documents

estate planning storage plan

Your estate planning documents — wills, health-care directives, powers of attorney, trusts — are essential records that explain your end-of-life wishes and desires. Therefore, these documents must be kept in a safe location until they are needed. They are only valuable to you and your loved ones if the documents can be reviewed and followed when…

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Brady Cobin Law Group Hosts “What Does Retirement Look Like For You?” Event in Raleigh, NC

Brady Cobin Law Group recently hosted a “What Does Retirement Look Like For You?” event in Raleigh, NC. Estate planning lawyer Andrew Cobin organized the Brady Cobin retirement event, which was held on August 14th. He welcomed guests to a retirement discussion focusing on three topics: The challenges and new opportunities in retirement planning created…

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Same-Sex Couples Need Estate Planning, Too

same sex couple embracing one another

Since same-sex marriage became legal throughout the United States in 2015 with the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodge, many same-sex couples have realized that they can benefit from estate planning. Making decisions about the disposition of your accumulated wealth and property, providing power of attorney for critical decisions, and stating end-of-life health care…

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Update Your Estate Plan Annually

elderly couple talking to an estate planning attorney

As your life changes, so should your estate plan. At Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC, we advise family planning clients to revisit their estate plan every year to ensure that life has not passed it by. Whether you have experienced a significant life event such as the birth of a baby, change of marital status…

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