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Judicial Court Forms

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Judicial Court Forms

Form #Title
AOC-E-100Application And Assignment Year's Allowance (Rev. 1/14)
AOC-E-101Deficiency Judgment (Rev. 11/12)
AOC-E-102Estates Proceedings Summons (New 1/12)
AOC-E-150Estate Summons For Trust Proceeding [ ] Alias And Pluries Summons (Rev. 5/11)
AOC-E-199Application For Probate (Without Qualification Of A Personal Representative) [ ] And Addendum (AOC-E-309) (New 8/14)
AOC-E-200Renunciation Of Right To Qualify For Letters Testamentary Or Letters Of Administration (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-201Application For Probate & Letters - Testamentary/Of Administration CTA (Rev. 4/08)
AOC-E-201IInstructions For Preliminary Inventory On Side Two Of Application For Probate And Letters (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-202Application For Letters Of Administration (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-202IInstructions For Preliminary Inventory On Side Two Of Application For Letters Of Administration (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-203AAffidavit For Collection Of Personal Property Of Decedent (For Decedents Dying On Or Before Dec. 31, 2011) - Intestate/Testate (Rev. 5/12)
AOC-E-203BAffidavit For Collection Of Personal Property Of Decedent (For Decedents Dying On Or After Jan. 1, 2012) - Intestate/Testate (Rev. 5/12)
AOC-E-203IInstructions For Preliminary Inventory On Side Two Of Affidavit For Collection Of Personal Property Of Decedent (Rev. 1/12)
AOC-E-204Affidavit Of Collection, Disbursement And Distribution (Rev. 1/12)
AOC-E-205Application For Letters Of Trusteeship Under Will (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-206Application For Letters Of [ ] Guardianship Of the Estate [ ] Limited Guardianship of the Estate [ ] Guardianship Of The Person [ ] Limited Guardianship of the Person [ ] General Guardianship [ ] Limited General Guardianship For An Incompetent Person (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-207Inheritance And Estate Tax Certification (Rev. 3/07)
AOC-E-208Application For Appointment Of Guardian Of The Estate Guardian Of The Person General Guardian For a Minor (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-209Petition For Appointment Of Standby Guardian For Minor Guardian Of The Person General Guardian (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-210Standby Guardian's Petition For Appointment As Guardian Of The Person General Guardian Minor (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-211Notice Of Hearing Appointment Of Guardian/Other ____ (New 2/96)
AOC-E-212Estate Tax Certification (For Decedents Dying On Or After 1/1/99) (Rev. 8/13)
AOC-E-213Renunciation And Waiver Of Spousal Year's Allowance (New 1/14)
AOC-E-300Affidavit Of Subscribing Witnesses For Probate Of [] Will [] Codicil To Will/Affidavit Of Notary Serving As Attesting Witness For Probate Of []Will []Codicil To Will (Rev. 11/12)
AOC-E-301Affidavits For Probate Of Will - Witness(es) Not Available (Rev. 6/14)
AOC-E-302Affidavits For Probate Of Holographic Will Holographic Will Holographic Codicil (Rev. 9/12)
AOC-E-304Certificate Of Probate (Rev. 6/14)
AOC-E-307Affidavit Of Notice To Creditors (Rev. 3/07)
AOC-E-308Affidavit Of Notice To Creditors By Limited Personal Representative (New 10/09)
AOC-E-309Addendum To Application For Probate Of Out-Of-State Will Or Codicil (New 8/14)
AOC-E-400Oath/Affirmation (Rev. 3/07)
AOC-E-401Bond (Corporate Surety) (Side One)/Bond (Personal Sureties) (Side Two) (Rev. 8/12)
AOC-E-402Order Authorizing Issuance Of Letters (Rev. 8/12)
AOC-E-403Letters ______ (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-404Waiver Of Personal Representative's Bond (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-405Notice To Beneficiary (Rev. 6/14)
AOC-E-406Order On Application For Appointment Of Guardian (Rev. 7/04)
AOC-E-407Letters Of Appointment Guardian Of The Estate (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-408Letters Of Appointment Guardian Of The Person (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-409Order On Petition For Appointment Of Standby Guardian For Minor (New 2/96)
AOC-E-410Order On Standby Guardian's Petition For Appointment As Guardian Of Minor (New 2/96)
AOC-E-411Letters Of Appointment Standby General Guardian (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-412Letters Of Appointment Standby Guardian Of The Person (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-413Letters Of Appointment General Guardian (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-415Motion In The Cause To Modify Guardianship (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-416Order On Motion To Modify Guardianship (New 7/04)
AOC-E-417Letters Of Appointment Limited Guardian Of The Estate (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-418Letters Of Appointment Limited Guardian Of The Person (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-419Letters Of Appointment Limited General Guardian (Rev. 4/11)
AOC-E-420Letters Of Appointment As Limited Personal Representative (New 10/09)
AOC-E-431Authorization For Payment Of Money Owed Decedent (Rev. 9/12)
AOC-E-432Application For Administration By Clerk (Not To Exceed $5,000) (Rev. 4/08)
AOC-E-433Application And Order For Modification Of Bond (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-500Appointment Of Resident Process Agent (Rev. 1/14)
AOC-E-501Notice To File [ ] Inventory (AOC-E-505, AOC-E-510, or AOC-E-511) [ ] Annual Account (AOC-E-506) [ ] Final Account/Affidavit (AOC-E-506 or AOC-E-204) (Rev. 7/14)
AOC-E-502Order To File Inventory Or Account (Rev. 7/14)
AOC-E-503Order To Appear And Show Cause For Failure To File Inventory/Account (Rev. 7/14)
AOC-E-505Inventory For Decedent's Estate (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-505Inventory For Decedent's Estate (Rev. 7/06) (Does Not Calculate)
AOC-E-506Account [ ] Annual [ ] Final (Calculated) (Rev. 7/14)
AOC-E-506Account [ ] Annual [ ] Final (Does Not Calculate) (Rev. 7/14)
AOC-E-507Notice (Rev. 8/97)
AOC-E-508Notice To Surety Of Settlement (Rev. 11/12)
AOC-E-510Inventory For Guardianship Estate (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-511Inventory For Trust Under Will (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-520Inventory Of Contents Of Safe-Deposit Box Box (Rev. 10/09)
AOC-E-521Receipt __Partial __Final (New 2/01)
AOC-E-650Estates Action Cover Sheet (Rev. 1/14)
AOC-E-850North Carolina Estate Procedure Pamphlet For Executor, Administrator, Collector By Affidavit, Summary Administration (Rev. 7/14)
AOC-E-901MReceipt And Agreement (Rev. 4/08)
AOC-E-902Civil Contempt Order Failure To File Inventory/Account (Rev. 3/14)
AOC-E-903MFaithful Performance Bond Non-Resident Guardian Of The Person (Minor Or Incompetent) (Rev. 8/97)
AOC-E-904MOrder Of Summary Administration (New 2/96)
AOC-E-905MApplication For Probate & Petition For Summary Administration (Rev. 3/07)
AOC-E-906MApplication And Petition For Summary Administration Of Estate Without A Will (Rev. 3/07)
AOC-E-907MAuthorization To Release Funds (New 8/97)
AOC-E-908MPetition And Order To Reopen Estate (Rev. 7/06)
AOC-E-909MOrder To Transfer Estate To Closed Files (For Statistical Purposes) (New 2/00)
AOC-G-302Designation Of Mediator In Matter Before Clerk Of Superior Court (Rev. 12/09)
AOC-G-303Report Of Mediator In Clerk Program Mediation (Rev. 10/14)
AOC-G-304Order For Apportionment Of Mediator Fee In Matters Before The Clerk Of Superior Court (Rev. 10/14)
AOC-G-305Motion And Order For Show Cause Hearing (Rev. 8/14)
AOC-SP-850Responsibilities Of Guardians In North Carolina (Rev. 4/10)
AOC-SP-200Petition for Adjudication of Incompetence and Application for Appointment of Guardian or Limited Guardian

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