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The government offers many benefits to those who have bravely served our country. However, one of the hardest things to understand about veterans’ benefits is that there are so many things you possibly do not know. Accordingly, the best approach is to gather up all of your paperwork — including service records and discharge forms — and spend some time discussing the situation with an attorney experienced in this area. As with Medicaid, it is essential that you have a skilled lawyer who has been through this arduous government process numerous times and understands what needs to be done.

At the Brady | Cobin Law Group, PLLC, our dedicated Raleigh veterans’ benefits attorneys understand what it means to serve. One of our partners, Andrew Cobin, served seven years in the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps, including time overseas. After serving in the Navy, he entered private practice to serve his community and veterans in need.

Our law firm can assist you in finding benefits, applying for them, and appealing benefits decisions. With more than 35 years of experience, the Brady | Cobin Law Group is committed to helping veterans and their families succeed. If you need to connect with the benefits you’ve earned, or you’re having trouble with the process, contact us today. We are here to help.

Who We Serve?

Our compassionate Raleigh veterans’ benefits lawyers are committed to helping veterans and their families:

  • We can help veterans identify and pursue all the benefits they are entitled to, including health care, education, and many others.
  • We can also help the families of veterans identify and pursue the benefits and resources they need. The VA offers benefits to surviving children and spouses of veterans. If your loved one served, there might be benefits available to help you.

Why You Need a Lawyer to File for Veterans’ Benefits?

Veterans are eligible for a wide variety of benefits. In fact, there are more benefits than you may know about. Health care, insurance, pensions, education, and many more areas are covered.

However, it can be hard to identify all the benefits programs that will work for you. It can be even more difficult to apply for them.

An experienced veterans’ benefits lawyer knows the VA inside and out and can help you find the benefits you need. A lawyer will review your information, discuss your needs, and explain the programs that could be right for you.

A skilled lawyer also knows how to qualify you for benefits programs. Each program has its own requirements and paperwork. Finding the right program and taking care of the paperwork can add up to a huge amount of work for you and your family. An experienced lawyer will help you save time and money by getting the correct paperwork in as fast as possible.

If there’s a problem with your benefits, or your application for benefits has been rejected, a knowledgeable lawyer can help you fight for what you’ve earned. Often, a lawyer can work with program administrators to correct the error and get your benefits back on track. If needed, a lawyer can appeal your case and pursue your claim in court.

Don’t spend your time worrying about the benefits process and all the paperwork. Talk with a respected Raleigh veterans’ benefits lawyer today.

What Benefits Are Available to Veterans?

Programs and services for veterans are not the same everywhere for every veteran. In fact, some programs are based on when and where you served, your length of service, the type of discharge you received, and whether it was in wartime or during peacetime.

The definition of a “veteran” also has different meanings for different types of benefits. Why? Because the relevant legislation was enacted piecemeal. Each benefit may have different criteria for its applicants. For example, you may qualify for some benefits with just one day of service, but for others you need to serve a minimum amount of time, like two years.

Some of the VA benefits you may be entitled to include:

  • Health care. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers significant health benefits to veterans. This includes preventive care, mental health care, dental care, emergency care, inpatient care, and every other type of health benefit. Your amount and type of health care benefits will depend on your age, length of service, when you served, and other characteristics.

If you need health care and you don’t have coverage, there may be a program that can help. A lawyer can review your needs and help you pursue the benefits that you and your family deserve.

  • Disability. The VA offers benefits to veterans who were disabled as a result of their service and to those who were disabled later on. This includes monetary benefits for the veteran and, in some cases, benefits for dependent family members. The VA may also give compensation based on the special circumstances of your service.
  • Insurance. Veterans qualify for a variety of insurance options. These can include life insurance, traumatic injury protection, and many others.
  • Pension. The VA offers pensions to service members. The type and amount will depend on the nature and length of service. The VA also offers survivors’ pensions to the families of veterans who served during wartime.
  • Education and training. Veterans have access to tremendous education and training benefits. This includes coverage under many sources such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Montgomery GI Bill, and others. As a veteran, you can receive funds for tuition, school supplies, vocational training, and even assistance with housing and relocation for school.

Education and training are an important benefit for many veterans. There are programs available for nearly any type of education or vocational training you’d like to do. If you need assistance, we can help you find a benefit that works for you.

  • Career and employment. If you’ve recently re-entered the civilian workforce, there are resources available to help. Veterans are entitled to counseling assistance and career guidance. They also qualify for many programs that help place them in jobs after their service. These programs help veterans find success in civilian life and can be an important part of a veteran’s career.
  • Mortgage and loans. When veterans are buying a home or refinancing, they may qualify for low-interest loans and other benefits. Buying property and building a home can be costly. Veterans are eligible for special loans and assistance that can be a huge help during the process.

After serving in our country’s Armed Forces, make sure you are aware of all benefits to which you or your family members are entitled. Getting information and successfully applying for veterans’ benefits is not light duty. However, your likelihood of success is greatly enhanced with the skillful guidance and assistance of an attorney who has dealt with the VA, the branches of the military and their personnel offices, and the Department of Defense.

The Raleigh veterans’ benefits attorneys at Brady | Cobin Law Group have this type of experience and can use their knowledge to resolve administrative issues, get answers, and advocate for your rights and benefits.

Our Raleigh Veterans’ Benefits Lawyers Are Here to Serve You

You may not know about a number of benefits available to you or your family members, let alone how the application and appeals processes work. Let our law firm help you sort through the details of available benefits, eligibility criteria, and the application process.

At the Brady | Cobin Law Group, we’re proud to help veterans and their families. Contact our law office today for a consultation.


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