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529 Education Plans

Can You Use a Trust to Fund Higher Education?

Published October 7, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

This approach isn’t for everyone, but if your assets are large enough that you may be facing estate tax issues, a trust may reduce your potential future estate tax, while funding the costs of college education. The 529 college savings…

Great Grades and Great Planning Equally Needed for a College Education

Published May 26, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

The cost of higher education is growing so rapidly, that students and families are finding it a huge financial challenge. Succeed by starting savings and planning as early as possible. Here’s a scary number: the cost of a college education…

How Boomers Can Lighten Their Tax Load While Helping with Preschool Costs

Published April 27, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Private preschools can be almost as expensive as state colleges. The cost of private colleges, by the time today’s preschoolers get to campus, can only be guessed at. Here’s an opportunity for boomers to help their grandchildren attend the preschool…

Why Start College Savings a Generation in Advance?

Published April 10, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Mighty oaks grow from little acorns, and a 529 you start for your someday-grandchild will also grow mighty with the benefit of decades. It sounds a little extreme, but when you think about the power of compounding returns, starting a…

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