William Estes

William Estes is dedicated to providing our clients with a unique and personal experience. William joined our team in May of 2021 as a Legal Assistant at the Brady Cobin Law Group. Will works behind the scenes in the firm where he provides administrative support and produces marketing content. As a relative newcomer to the legal field, Will brings a layman’s perspective to the practice.

Before entering the legal field, William worked as a performing musician. He recently graduated from the University of North Texas with a master’s degree in violin performance. Throughout his 20+ year career in music, he has played in numerous ensembles, including some in North Carolina like the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra and Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra. William is passionate about music and implements the skills he has learned to foster more productive teamwork and to perform at the highest possible level.

During his free time, Will enjoys practicing and playing the violin. He currently teaches aspiring young musicians and fosters a thriving studio. William also enjoys cooking, gardening, and traveling with his wife, Tori, who also plays and teaches the violin.

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