With over 20 years as a professional violinist, William understands how to remain calm under pressure and focus on solutions rather than problems. His experience as a teacher and performer enable him to break down complex issues into manageable components, so he is able to accomplish and explain complicated tasks to associates and clients. Colleagues have noticed that his passion for music inspires a sense of productive teamwork throughout the firm.

With an eagle eye for detail, William works behind the scenes at Brady Cobin Law Group drafting documents and forming legal entities for clients, as well as managing compliance with governing bodies. He also provides IT support and works to automate office procedures to enable other staff members to spend more time with clients and less time inputting data.

He wants clients to feel that their concerns are heard and confident that their problems will be resolved efficiently. “Clients find that I listen actively,” he notes, “matching their pace and sense of urgency.”

With a master’s degree in violin performance from the University of North Texas, William has performed with numerous ensembles throughout his career, including the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra and the Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra. He also teaches violin and mentors younger students through a thriving studio. When not at the office or holding a violin, Will enjoys cooking, gardening, and traveling with his wife who is also a devoted violin teacher and performer.

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