Medicaid Applications

Medicaid has made a significant difference in the lives of many of our senior clients by helping them meet their home care and nursing care needs. Unfortunately, Medicaid applications can be complicated, making it challenging for people to get the benefits they need. 

Like filing your taxes, gathering all the necessary paperwork is difficult. How you answer the questions on the form can also impact the extent of the services you receive. 

This adds an unnecessary layer of stress to the whole process. While you may want to try filing for Medicaid on your own, receiving professional assistance from an elder law attorney can improve your chances of a successful Medicaid application.

What Is the Medicaid Application Process Like in North Carolina?

To file for Medicaid in North Carolina, you’ll need to provide your income, assets, health insurance, family records, banking, and other financial statements. These records should cover the past five years.

Aside from the frustrations of waiting, it can be difficult to juggle health, asset, and income information in one form. Rejected applications are not uncommon and may prolong the already tedious process. Improper filings can also delay your services and result in late payments to your care facility or nursing home.

Note that Medicaid is different from Medicare. Medicaid can pay for the cost of long-term care, while Medicare long-term care benefit is limited in scope and duration. 

How Can a North Carolina Elder Law Professional Help? 

The stress and effort required to fill out a Medicaid application can be draining and take longer than it needs to. From protecting your assets to giving your application the best chance of acceptance, elder law attorneys know the tips and tricks to make Medicaid work in your favor.

  • Avoid Penalties – Improperly listing asset transfers and gifts on Medicaid applications can result in hefty penalties. By helping you organize your personal information, legal professionals can prevent this from happening.
  • Know When to Apply – Applying too early or too late may affect how much support you receive. An attorney can help you prepare in advance, maximizing your benefits when it comes time to file.
  • Protect Your Spouse – Married couples and unmarried applicants are subject to different eligibility requirements. An attorney can structure your application to give you access to all the support you need while protecting your spouse’s finances.
  • Preserve Eligibility – Many applicants want to live independently for as long as possible while preserving their Medicaid and Social Security eligibility. Elder law attorneys may be able to restructure your finances so you can remain financially independent and qualify for support.

Making the Medicaid Application Process Work for You in North Carolina

When applying for Medicaid, your priority is to access the services you need. However, if you’re not familiar with Medicaid applications, you may not realize that slight differences in your application can have serious consequences for your care.

Filing your application correctly can be the difference between receiving the benefits you need or not. Having access to more funds ensures that you receive better care, preserving your health and finances for as long as possible.

There’s no reason to compromise regarding your financial security and health. Planning your Medicaid application with the guidance of an elder law attorney can provide you with the right tools and support to access the medical services you need.

Contact the Brady Cobin Law Group today to learn more about Medicaid applications in North Carolina. Our team has over 35 years of experience helping individuals in the Raleigh, NC, area. We can also assist with structuring your assets to help you or a loved one qualify for Medicaid.

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