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Asset Protection

What You Need to Know to Make Required Minimum Distributions Less Taxing

Published December 22, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC
What You Need to Know to Make Required Minimum Distributions Less Taxing

Those pesky RMDs can wreak havoc if you haven’t done proper tax planning. With the deadline just around the corner, it’s time to finalize your RMD decisions. If you’re 70½ and required to take your annual RMD or face the…

Tips on Naming a Trustee

Published December 19, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Selecting a trustee should be a thoughtful decision, taking into consideration the person’s ability to manage money and make decisions. Unfortunately, that’s not usually what happens. A snap decision made so that documents can be prepared on a timely basis…

An Unusual Response to a Billion Dollar Award: It’s Too Much!

Published December 13, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

A jury ordered JP Morgan Chase to pay $8 billion to the offspring of an American Airlines executive for mismanaging their inheritance, but the kids think it’s excessive. The bank expects the entire matter to be overturned by the Dallas,…

Social Security Payments Will Increase in 2018, But So Will Medicare Premiums

Published December 8, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

It’s not great news for retirees who depend upon Social Security, even if it is the biggest increase since 2012. If you want a high-quality lifestyle during retirement, don’t count on Social Security or Medicare. First, the good news from…

Estate and Gift Tax Limits Increase for 2018, Says the IRS

Published December 1, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Inflation is the primary reason for increases in the 2018 estate and gift tax exemptions. After months of speculation about whether or not the estate and gift tax exemption would increase, the numbers are now official. The estate and gift…

Medical Tax Deduction on the Chopping Block in GOP Tax Bill

Published November 30, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

The seriously ill, disabled and seniors are all threatened by a proposal that’s part of the tax reform bill that was recently released. The medical tax deduction is under fire, included in the tax reform bill presented by House Republicans….

Generous Ideals from Millennials May Change With Time and Experience

Published November 17, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

For now, a report on affluent millennials reveals them to be extremely idealistic, willing to put their retirement savings on a back burner in order to give their kids every advantage. The affluent millennial may have a different take than…

Giving the Family Farm to Grandchildren Instead of Children

Published November 16, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

There are often bumps along the way, when it’s time to plan for the future of a family farm. Farms are usually passed along to the next generation, but there are instances when parents want to give the farm to…

Small Sentimental Items Often at the Heart of Estate Battles

Published November 14, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Take a walk around your home with your kids, and talk about the possessions that hold meaning to them. Planning ahead for how their favorite items are distributed may prevent family squabbles during a difficult time, when emotions run high….

Asking the Wrong Question About When to Retire

Published November 10, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Deciding when you should retire should be guided by a number of factors, including when you can afford to retire and if you have a plan of what to do with the rest of your life. In an ideal world,…

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