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Elder Law Attorney

Elder Law Attorney for Medicaid Eligibility

Published March 25, 2021 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC
Medicaid Eligibility and Elder Law

The federal Medicaid program is designed to ensure senior citizens have long-term health care, but it has financial eligibility requirements that should be considered well ahead of the need for Medicaid benefits. Qualifying for Medicaid often requires applicants to spend…

Is Someone You Love Without a Support System?

Published April 12, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Elder orphans, a term used to describe seniors who don’t have children or a family support system, are growing in number. To protect themselves, they need to plan more than other seniors. With a health care system already straining at…

How Costs of Long-Term Health Care Hurt Farm Families

Published April 6, 2017 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

Failing to plan for the costs of long-term health care is a major issue for farm families hoping to pass their family business and land to the next generation. No one ever thinks they will need long-term health care. What…

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