Our North Carolina Estate Planning and Elder Law attorneys are committed to honoring the life, work, and charity of every individual.

Bernice Kendall

Bernice’s passion for public service shines through in every aspect of her professional life. During her extensive career, she has worked in the Wills and Estates and other sections of county court systems and assisted clients in the private sector, giving her an unparalleled understanding of probate, estate administration, and guardianship issues.

Detail-oriented and a good listener, Bernice is widely recognized for her communication skills. She passes along the benefit of her experience by explaining complex estate concepts in terms every client is able to understand.

Bernice finds true satisfaction assisting clients with estate administration. “Helping families who are facing a difficult time after the loss of a loved one is what really matters at the end of the day,” she explains. “I want to let them know they are not alone and provide them the assurance that I will help them through the administration process.”

Before moving to Raleigh, Bernice served as Deputy Register of Deeds for Wayne County. She then managed estate matters for the Clerk of Superior Court of Wake County. In the Wills and Estates section, Bernice maintained responsibility for the probate of wills, administration of estates, and management of property for minors and individuals judged incompetent. In addition to hands-on experience, Bernice also took on responsibility for research of policy, statutes, court rules, and case law pertaining to all aspects of estates.

“I want people to feel that I am knowledgeable,” she notes, “but I particularly want them to feel assured that they have contacted the right law firm to handle whatever they are facing.”

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