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Why Having A Will Is Not Enough

Published April 28, 2021 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC
Why We Might Need Something More Than a Will

Attorney Andrew J. Cobin, a partner at Brady Cobin Law Group, appeared on WPTF’s Triangle Afternoon News program and discussed questions with radio hosts Rick and Donna Martinez about making a will and why a will by itself may not…

Dying Without a Will - North Carolina Intestate Succession

Published August 27, 2020 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC
Dying Without a Will — NC Intestate Chart

It is a mistake to put off preparing a will in North Carolina. Dying without a will causes your surviving family members unnecessary legal headaches and may result in your money and property going to people who you would not…

Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Americans Rush to Make Online Wills

Published April 13, 2020 by Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC
Americans Rush to Make Online Wills Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus spreads throughout the United States and projections indicate that tens of thousands of people will succumb to the deadly virus, various publications are reporting that Americans are rushing to create wills through online services. While having a…

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