Brady Cobin Law Group Hosts “What Does Retirement Look Like For You?” Event in Raleigh, NC

Brady Cobin Law Group recently hosted a “What Does Retirement Look Like For You?” event in Raleigh, NC.

Estate planning lawyer Andrew Cobin organized the Brady Cobin retirement event, which was held on August 14th. He welcomed guests to a retirement discussion focusing on three topics:

  • The challenges and new opportunities in retirement planning created by longer lifespans.
  • The many factors that can affect qualify of life in retirement besides finances and how to plan for productive and enjoyable retirement.
  • Making plans to live your life by design, not by chance.

The focus of the event was on quality of life in retirement. It addressed the types of plans you can make and discussions you should have with your family to ensure that you can continue living life independently.

As an estate planning lawyer, Andrew Cobin helps clients consider what they want to happen and the decisions that they will need to make in planning for retirement.

At the Brady Cobin retirement event, Andrew Cobin and guests talked about housing needs, transportation needs, social needs, and much more.

Brady Cobin Law Group is experienced in all types of employer-provided retirement plans, including defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, 401k plans and ESOPS.

The attorneys at Brady Cobin Law Group also work with their clients on their retirement plan matters, representing them in every aspect, choosing a plan that meets their business needs and representation in the event of an IRS or Department of Labor (DOL) inquiry or audit.

The Raleigh estate planning lawyers at Brady Cobin Law Group assist clients in the design, drafting and administration of nonqualified retirement plans, including excess benefit plans, supplemental executive retirement plans and deferred compensation plans.

They counsel clients on all aspects of legal compliance and the best practices for managing the administration of retirement plans.

The attorneys at Brady Cobin Law Group have in-depth experience with the issues affecting retirement plans. For each client, they prepare and review retirement plans and trust documents, including amendments for design changes and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

The estate planning lawyers work on daily plan administration and compliance issues, conduct legal reviews of retirement plans to ensure compliance with applicable laws, and provide guidance on best practices. They also review nonqualified deferred compensation retirement plans for accordance with Code Section 409A.

Andrew Cobin hopes to host  Brady Cobin Law Group events at least one per month, so look for another retirement planning event soon. It is an opportunity for current or potential clients to listen to ideas and take part in a discussion relevant to them.

Contact the law firm today at (919) 782-3500 if you are in Raleigh North Carolina to find out more about your retirement planning needs. If you live in the Triangle, search online for “an estate planning lawyer near me”, to find the website of Brady Cobin Law Group. You can find out more information by visiting their website at