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Andrew Cobin

Andrew likes to educate clients about their options for estate planning. Instead of assuming what might best serve their needs, he would rather work to understand clients’ concerns and the details of their situation and goals. Then he strategizes with them to find the right options. “With that approach you get some really customized solutions,” he explains. He also enjoys the opportunity to develop a closer rapport with clients.

Although Andrew’s favorite course in law school focused on estates and trusts, he initially wanted to pursue litigation. He served in the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps as a litigator for seven years, managing cases in a wide variety of fields. But during that time he also advised leaders about numerous issues, and realized that what he enjoyed most about the practice of law was helping ensure that plans covered all potential contingencies. He liked helping people prepare. So the field of estate planning was the natural choice when he finished his military service.

“I find it very satisfying to help individuals and families create more secure lives for themselves,” he notes. Andrew wants not only to ensure that transitions will go smoothly for clients in the future, but he also wants to know that clients feel comfortable coming to him now with all types of questions and problems. In a world increasingly fragmented by multitasking, he strives to be a good listener and give people his undivided attention.

“When someone asks me for advice, I want to make sure I’m giving them the actual information they are looking for and not just a bunch of fluff or words that don’t have any substance behind them,” he explains.

A native of Pennsylvania, Andrew headed south to earn a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Clemson University. Then he headed further south to work as an engineer in Houston for two years before indulging his long standing interest in the law. After graduating from the University of Texas School of Law in 2005, he then pursued another dream by serving his country in the military for seven years. He emerged feeling ready to practice in any area of law, and initially planned to open a firm focused on intellectual property because of his background as an engineer.

But as he contemplated the legal work he enjoyed most, he realized estate planning was the only choice. He opened his own firm in Raleigh and after two years teamed up with Daniel Brady to build Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC.

Andrew is recognized as a Board Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the North Carolina State Bar. While he hopes clients feel confident working with a specialist in a firm devoted to estate planning, he also likes to look beyond the strictly business aspects of the client relationship. “We have fun together, and even laugh about a topic that is not always the most fun to talk about.”

With a Brown Belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and certification as a Russian kettlebell instructor, Andrew enjoys an active lifestyle with his wife and two children in Raleigh.


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