What to Expect When Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer

Understanding that a good plan is one that meets your expectations, it follows that a good estate planning lawyer is one who meets your expectations. This is done by separating strategy from goal, and finding the right solutions to bring those goals to fruition. Even if you’re unsure of the exact goals of your plan, a good lawyer will not only help you to define your goals more clearly, but do so while guiding you along a path that avoids potential pitfalls.

Like with any major decision that carries long-term consequences, research and preparedness are key to a beneficial result. Knowing what to expect from an estate lawyer, whether here in Raleigh or elsewhere, and understanding that this is a long-term relationship, not just a one-time transaction, will help you in setting real expectations for that relationship.

Expect your first meeting to be an educational one for both you. and the attorney. This meeting should allow you to assess whether the firm and the attorney is a good fit for your plans or goals. You should be able to gain a clear picture and an action plan from this meeting. This consultation is not where you gain the valuable advice of your lawyer. Expect to pay for that advice when you actually engage the firm in question.

Again, remember this is an ongoing relationship. Because aspects in your personal and business life are sure to change, so should your plan for your future. Should a major life event occur, its a good idea to get renewed advice from your estate planner. New family dynamics or business partnerships can dramatically alter future plans in ways that you are unaware of, and it is your attorney’s job to protect you in those instances. Make sure that you are comfortable with the person that you appoint to handle your affairs before committing to this relationship.

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