Understanding Probate: Why You Might Want to Avoid It

Probate is a legal mechanism meant to distribute a person’s estate to their heirs after that person’s demise. On the surface, it appears as a simple process involving the identification of assets, settling of any claims, and finally, distribution of the remaining assets. However, the underlying complexity often compels individuals to explore alternatives. This article will shed light on the top five reasons why avoiding probate may prove beneficial.

Probate Time Constraints

Probate is by no means a swift process. It takes at least four months, primarily due to the period allowed for creditors to file their claims. If the deceased’s assets weren’t well-organized, the process could stretch on considerably longer – even several years. Picture it like a challenging treasure hunt where heirs are trying to locate all of their loved one’s assets. This, understandably, can considerably extend the probate timeline.

Intricacies of Probate

Probate is handled through the courts, and therefore is riddled with numerous rules, procedures, and deadlines. These intricacies often necessitate hiring an attorney to ensure everything is handled accurately. Imagine attempting to assemble a complex piece of furniture with only basic instructions. Many people will quickly realize that they need professional assistance.

Probate Expenses

Probate can be quite expensive. The time it takes to manage a disorganized estate can lead to increasing attorney fees. Over time, tasks initially undertaken by the executor may get transferred to the attorney due to life’s stresses and the grieving process. While there are standard fees to the Probate Court in North Carolina, most expenses usually arise from the necessary legal services.  An experienced probate attorney can arrange for these expenses to be paid out of estate assets rather than from personal funds.

Public Exposure

It’s important to note that in many states (including North Carolina), probated estates become public record. If you remember when actor James Gandolfini’s Will was made public, you’ll understand the lack of privacy probate can bring. In a time when much of our lives are on display online, retaining some level of privacy in our final affairs is often preferred.

Potential for Family Disputes

Unfortunately, probate can stir up family tensions. We often receive calls from individuals wishing to challenge a Will or expressing worries about how estate matters are being managed. Even during the probate process, old family issues often resurface, leading to arguments and misunderstandings.

Dodging Probate Through Thoughtful Estate Planning with Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC

The good news is that with careful estate planning, you can often bypass probate completely. This can save you time, prevent potential family disputes, ensure privacy, and provide financial savings. If you’re curious about how to avoid the probate process while achieving your estate planning objectives, the team at Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC, is ready to assist.

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