Join Us in Welcoming Graham B Schmidt

Graham focuses his practice on estates because he enjoys bringing comfort to people who are anxious about the future. When clients face significant changes, such as the death of a loved one or the onset of a disability, Graham strives to serve as a source of calm while developing the right plan to meet future needs.

Suppose clients feel that a loved one’s estate plan is not being honored after death. In that case, he has the experience to assess the situation and determine whether someone may have exerted undue influence or acted improperly in other ways that can be addressed through legal remedies.

His unique depth of experience handling the complexities of estate administration enable him to protect the rights and interests of clients while providing tailored solutions to resolve their concerns.

While Graham works to reach prompt resolutions through mediation and negotiation, he is always prepared to succeed in court when necessary. He has 18 years of experience in estate litigation at the trial court level and considerable experience winning clients’ objectives at the appellate level.

After graduating from William and Mary Law School in 2005, Graham concentrated his practice on estates and hasn’t looked back since. He is licensed to practice law in both North Carolina and Illinois and delves deep into the policies behind the estate litigation laws to help bring about improvements for individuals struggling with painful and complex issues. He helps educate both the public and legal community by publishing his observations on various estate litigation subjects, such as the fiduciary duties that family members often take on unintentionally.

When not helping clients navigate the complexities of estate litigation, probate administration, or trust administration, Graham enjoys recreation time parks around Raleigh with his wife, children and enthusiastic dog. He is also an ardent supporter of the Chicago Cubs, much to his near-perennial dismay.