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Medicaid Seminar – What Does Long Term Care Look Like For You?

Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Medicaid Planning: What does long term care look like for you?

  • Studies are consistently showing that 1 in 2 people will need some type of long term care.
  • The average nursing home in North Carolina costs start at around $8,000.00 per month.

What does long term care look like for you? Do you have the resources to cover your long term care? Do you have questions about Medicaid? Learn what you need to know about Medicaid in our special seminar around Medicaid planning on Wednesday, February 26.

This discussion will help you understand how the Medicaid system works and provide information on planning strategies to help protect your assets when you need long term care.

This event is open to the public. 

Seating is limited and reservations are required.  Please RSVP with names and number of attendance. 

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