Death Bed Talk Is Usually about Loved Ones

Conversations rarely are about God, formal religion or jobs that will be missed.

A chaplain, who has often visited with the dying, finds that people are more interested in their families and friends than religion, according to a CNN publication “What people talk about before they die.”

According to the chaplain, people never talk about God or any formal religion. That is not what is on their minds. Instead, they talk about the people and things that they loved in life, mostly the people. That, of course, is not the people they worked with usually. It is their friends and especially their families.

This is actually an important insight.

For most people, their families are not just the most important thing to them when they pass away but the most important throughout their lives.

We might not always act like it when we have work to do, but most of us would miss our families more than we would miss our jobs. Knowing that when we pass away, it is likely that our families will be on our minds, we can also presume that we would be a lot more comfortable at the time if we can rest at ease knowing our families will be taken care of.

One way to take care of your family is to meet with an estate planning attorney to set up an estate plan. This will reduce the stress and confusion for your family when the time comes.

Reference: CNN (Dec. 20, 2016) “What people talk about before they die.”