Brady Cobin Law Group Welcomes Its New Member, Attorney Gretchen Cleevely

Brady Cobin Law Group welcomes its newest member, Attorney Gretchen Cleevely. Attorney Cleevely is happy to join the team of the firm in 2019. The entire side of the company is also enthusiastic in welcoming her on their legal group. She has sound knowledge and experience in the legal work. Her practice focuses on Medicaid planning and special needs trusts. She will also assist clients with probate matters and estate planning in Raleigh.

Attorney Gretchen Cleevely is born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is born with a family of athletes. Her sister is a member of the UNC Swimming and Diving Hall of fame. Her dad still joins car racing at the age of 73. Gretchen chooses a different path. In her 8th grade, she loves to be in the theater and pursued her dream to be an actress. She attained her Bachelors of Fine Arts with an honor of Magna Cum Laude in the Miami University of Ohio.

She relocated to New York and worked as an actress for ten years. Being directed by Joanne Woodward and starring Holly Hunter are among her memorable moments in the movie industry. People also recognize Gretchen in her roles in Law and Order, Sex in the City and Failure to Launch. In her acting career, she received an artist-in-residence teaching position through National Endowment for the Arts’ grant. She starts teaching theatre for at-risk high school students in New York.

Her mother is a teacher for the deaf, so she also follows the footsteps of her mother and pursues a degree in special education. With her hard work, she achieved a Masters of Educational Psychology at the University of Oklahoma. She begins her teaching career in an elementary school. She taught children with behavioral and emotional disorders, ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities within five years. She is passionate to help the lives of people with disabilities, so she decided to follow a career in special education law. She is proud to graduate in Washington and Lee University School of Law.

She lobbied, drafted, and researched for the Disability Law Center of Virginia wherein she represented clients with disabilities in subjects connected to medical claims and employment. She began her legal practice as an associate attorney in 2016. Currently, Attorney Gretchen Cleevely will continue to serve people with disabilities and their families with the Brady Cobin Law Group.

Armed with her dedication, skills, and knowledge, Attorney Gretchen Cleevely can contribute to the success of the Brady Cobin Law Group. She has excellent experience in special needs trust, Medicaid planning, estate planning, probate process, and other legal work. She is always enthusiastic about serving her clients to help them improve their lives.

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