Why Small Business Owners Need an Estate Plan

Estate Planning for Small Business Owners

Just as each of us should make plans for the transfer of our personal assets to our heirs, the small business owners among us should plan for the disposition of their businesses. Your small business needs an estate plan, just as you do. The estate planning attorneys at Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC, can help.…

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Why First Responders Need Estate Plans

firefighter jacket after being injured

First responders know the risks they face as part of their jobs. They put their lives on the line when responding to natural and manmade disasters, accidents, fires, disease outbreaks, and crime scenes. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 838 emergency responders – public-sector law enforcement, firefighters, and ambulance crews – died from…

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Why We Might Need Something More Than a Will

andrew cobin estate planning lawyer

Attorney Andrew J. Cobin, a partner at Brady Cobin Law Group, appeared on WPTF’s Triangle Afternoon News program and discussed questions with radio hosts Rick and Donna Martinez about making a will and why a will by itself may not be enough. Andrew Cobin is among a small percentage of attorneys recognized by the North…

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Medicaid Eligibility and Elder Law

Elderly couple with lawyer

The federal Medicaid program is designed to ensure senior citizens have long-term health care, but it has financial eligibility requirements that should be considered well ahead of the need for Medicaid benefits. Qualifying for Medicaid often requires applicants to spend down their assets to meet the eligibility requirements. This should be a planned distribution of…

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Who Takes Control of Your Digital Assets When You Die?

digital assets

As you consider what you will pass on to your heirs and other beneficiaries, do not overlook your digital assets. If your virtual property – anything from digital music you’ve bought to website content, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies – has value, then proper estate planning can ensure you’ve designated what happens to it when you’re…

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Dying Without a Will — NC Intestate Chart

Dying Without a Will in North Carolina In North Carolina, when you die without a will, it is known as having a dying “intestate”, meaning that a local probate court will appoint an administrator to distribute your assets according to the requirements of North Carolina probate law. They must follow state intestacy laws that try to…

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