A Homemade Will? Save Now and Risk Paying Later

An Online will may save you some money now but you can rack up a big bill in probate.

Creating a homemade will that later goes to probate may be a big disappointment, according to the Huntsville Item in “A humorous look at the danger of homemade wills.”

A will is designed to pass on your property.  It can be quite simple for an estate planning attorney to create.  However, it may not be so simple for someone planning to take the homemade approach.

Some homemade wills do not work for very simple reasons of formalities. A North Carolina will must meet some very specific requirements to be admitted without extra-judicial proceedings.

People who create their own wills often fail to either have the right number of people present or they do not leave any indication of how a court can contact the witnesses, if necessary.

Other homemade wills do not work for less technical reasons. The directions in these wills are often contradictory or impossible to carry out.

An estate planning attorney can guide you through the process of creating a complicated or simple estate plan.

Reference: Huntsville Item (Nov. 27, 2016) “A humorous look at the danger of homemade wills.”