2019 Scholarship Essay Contest

The Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC is pleased to sponsor a 2019 scholarship essay contest with $4,500 in prizes to help students with education expenses.

The attorneys at Brady Cobin Law Group understand the value of careful planning at all stages of life—when planning for college, when getting married and starting a family, when looking out for aging parents and when looking toward retirement. Through the essay contest, our law firm is inviting young people to reflect on these issues and share their thoughts about planning for the future.

Students interested in competing for the scholarship prizes should select one of the three topics listed below and write an original essay of up to 500 words:

  • At what age do you think individuals should begin planning for unforeseen circumstances? What are the major areas they should consider? What would happen in the event an estate or will has not been established, and how can we teach future generations about the importance of planning an estate or will?
  • What are some of the most important things individuals should consider putting in a will? Do you think future generations will value certain personal belongings or ownership more, in comparison to past generations?
  • How could individuals start a conversation about establishing a will or trust with a loved one or an elder? Discuss personal experiences (if possible) or things you think might assist with initiating a conversation.

The winners will be chosen by a selection committee. Three scholarship prizes will be awarded in the amounts of:

$2,500 —1st Prize

$1,500—2nd Prize

$500—3rd Prize

The contest is open to high school students as well as students at colleges and graduate school programs throughout the United States.

Additional information and general rules about entering the 2019 scholarship contest may be found on the Brady Cobin Law Group website or simply by clicking on the following link: scholarship.

The deadline for submitting an entry package including an academic transcript is May 1, 2019.

The winners of the scholarship essay contest will be announced on or around May 15, 2019.

About Brady Cobin Law Group

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the estate and elder law attorneys at Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC focus on understanding our clients’ goals and needs related to estate planning and probate matters. Attorney R. Dan Brady is recognized by the North Carolina State Bar as a Board-Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and Probate Law. His background as a certified public accountant also informs his understanding of the tax implications of every legal decision. Attorney Andrew J. Cobin strives to help individuals and families make carefully considered decisions about estate planning to provide financial security. Cobin previously served our nation as a judge advocate general in the U.S. Navy for seven years. He also sponsors events like Frosty Run 10k/5k and other events