Our North Carolina estate and elder estate and elder law attorneys are committed to honoring the life, work and charity of every individual.

Our Promise to Your Family

Our goal as your Estate Attorney is to keep your estate plan current with changes in your life and the law, while providing you with peace of mind in knowing that you and your family will be taken care of now and after you are gone.

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How our Family Program Can Help

Our team members strive to respond to your questions and concerns promptly.

Our firm team members are readily available to answer any of your questions or concerns. Reasonable access and communication is available during regular working hours by phone, email, or in person as appropriate, without getting a bill. We strive for a 24-hour response time (except weekends and holidays.)

We ensure your assets are structured in alignment with your estate plan.

We assist with the initial alignment (or funding) of your assets with your estate plan. We regularly review the character, value and ownership of your assets with you and provide you with an annual report to ensure that all of your assets are properly aligned with your estate plan.

We update your estate plan to reflect changes in your life.

We believe that estate planning is a process not a transaction. In our experience, the only way to ensure that an estate plan accomplishes your wishes, is to update your planning regularly to reflect changes in your life, your finances and the law. Our Family Care Program provides updates to your documents to address minor changes in your personal situation that do not involve significant additional legal counseling, as needed and at no additional cost.

We hold a family care meeting with your trusted family members to explain your plan and answer questions.

The Family Care Meeting is an opportunity for you, your trusted family members and professional advisors to meet with us at no additional cost, in order to understand your plan. Any questions that you, your family members, or your advisors may have and issues that may be identified will be addressed at the Family Care Meeting.

We hold educational workshops on estate planning topics

We invite you, your family members, helpers, and trusted advisors to attend our free educational workshops on various estate planning topics to keep you informed on the latest estate planning news, trends and other things we think may be of interest.

We work collaboratively with your professional financial advisors to accomplish your goals.

Our team will collaborate with your professional advisors so that we are all working together with the mutual goal of taking care of you and your family. We will provide copies of your estate planning documents to your financial professional advisors upon request, with instructions to implement your wishes.



Initial meeting: 1.5 HR

Discuss objectives and goals; identify issues; gather personal and financial information; and provide counsel regarding planning options.


Initial meeting: 1.0 HR

Gather any outstanding financial information and develop an estate plan customized to your family's.


Initial meeting: 1.0 HR

Review the estate plan and the underlying documents, and execute.


Initial meeting: 0.5 HR

Execute asset alignment documents, instructions, and forms with the asset alignment team.


Initial meeting: 0.5 HR

Review asset alignment verifications, and summary of assets.


Initial meeting: 1.5 HR

Review estate plan with clients, family members, trustees, and trusted advisors, address questions, and spot potential issues.

Additional Member Benefits

  • Free Notary Public services
  • Invitation to an annual client appreciation event
  • Documents prepared for children ages 18 to 12

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