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Estate Planning

Our Cary estate and elder law attorneys are committed to honoring the life, work and charity of every individual.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Cary, NC

elder couple receiving legal help from a lawyerelder couple receiving legal help from a lawyer

A well-crafted estate plans take into consideration not only your assets and tax liabilities but your core values and charitable interests as well. It allows you to create a legacy. You want the assets and property you have worked a lifetime to acquire to be distributed as you wish. From drafting wills to doing comprehensive planning for long-term care and administering an estate, our Cary attorneys understand the value of careful and thorough estate planning. We help clients understand the steps they need to take to protect themselves and their families and plan for the future.

Have a question about a will, setting up a trust or estate planning? Our Cary estate planning attorneys are committed to responding to your legal needs and answering questions that you may have. We will help you focus on the big picture, while we concentrate on handling the details.

Why Choose Brady Cobin Law Group for Estate Planning

Brady Cobin Law Group is a boutique law firm that concentrates on estate planning and elder law with an emphasis on quality legal representation and personal service. We offer comprehensive estate planning services and are dedicated to honoring the lives, work and charitable interests of our clients in Cary, N.C.

Attorneys Dan Brady and Andrew Cobin are both North Carolina State Bar board-certified specialists in estate planning and probate law. That certification signifies an attorney has additional training in a specific area of law. Only a small percentage of lawyers in North Carolina are board-certified specialists in estate planning. Dan Brady also brings the financial acumen of a Certified Public Accountant to address tax issues that crop up as part of estate planning. Andrew Cobin is a former judge advocate general in the U.S. Navy who as an estate attorney now focuses on helping individuals and families plan for a secure future with thoughtful estate planning. Our legal team has more than 35 years of experience in handling complex matters involving estate planning and estate litigation. Learn more about R. Daniel Brady and Andrew J. Cobin.

About Cary, North Carolina

Cary is a thriving town of 160,000 people with a highly educated workforce, many master-planned communities and low taxes. Hundreds of companies have established headquarters and major facilities in Cary because of its friendly business climate. Cary has received numerous accolades as a great place to live including recent recognition as the safest place to live in the U.S. and one of the hidden gems around the country. The median household income in Cary is $91,480, which is significantly higher than the state and national median household incomes.

Many Cary residents can expect to accumulate substantial estates over their lifetimes and would benefit from estate planning to provide financial security and peace of mind while minimizing estate taxes. You want to make sure that your property and assets go to your loved ones and the organizations that you support. A knowledgeable Cary estate planning attorney at Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC can listen to your concerns and discuss your goals and how to help achieve them.

Areas of Estate Planning Our Firm Handles in Cary

Our knowledgeable and compassionate Cary estate attorneys can answer your questions and offer personalized guidance and smart legal strategies in a wide range of matters related to estate planning and elder law. We can help you plan for the future, navigate the probate system after the passing of a loved one and settle sensitive family disputes.

Estate Planning

Our focus as Cary estate planning attorneys is to help individuals and families make well-informed, forward-looking decisions about their estates and the passing of their property to their loved ones. We assist families at all stages of life. Thoughtful estate planning helps protect Cary families with children in the event of an untimely death, ensures that seniors have planned for long-term care, and can reduce probate fees and inheritance taxes. An estate plan drafted 10 years ago may need to be updated to reflect changes in the tax code or in your situation. Estate planning can be an emotional roller coaster. It is best to undertake estate planning when you still have a clear mind and are not under pressure to make decisions. It is important to work with a compassionate Cary estate planning lawyer who will take the time to understand your goals and values and craft an estate plan that honors your wishes.

Charitable Planning

Planned charitable giving is a great way to honor your values and leave a legacy of support for your favorite charities and non-profit organizations that can benefit future generations. Planned charitable gifts can provide tax advantages and lifetime income for you and your loved ones. If you are interested in making a significant philanthropic donation during your lifetime or after your death, it should be structured as part of a comprehensive estate plan. A Cary planned charitable gift attorney at Brady Cobin Law Group can help you take the legal steps to direct a tax-advantaged gift to a charity or non-profit.

Probate Administration

Probate is the legal process of distributing the assets and property of a deceased person to his or her heirs. The probate process is overseen by the Clerk of Superior Court who acts as probate judge. Many smaller estates may qualify under North Carolina law to be settled through less complicated, alternative methods rather than probating the estate. Probate can be a stressful process if you are unfamiliar with the forms to complete. The first step is to gather the relevant legal documents of the deceased and determine whether the person left a valid will. We’ve created a probate timeline tool to help you understand some of the filing requirements and deadlines in the probate process in Wake County. A compassionate Cary, N.C. probate attorney can help you review the options available to settle your loved one’s affairs and determine the most appropriate type of estate to open.


Disputes sometimes arise over wills (especially when they are not declared), estates and inheritances. Sometimes a person with power of attorney abuses that authority and takes advantage of an elderly person’s diminished decision-making capacity, and when there is a large sum, there will always be pressure from different people. North Carolina law protects people age 65 and older as well as mentally or physically incapacitated adults from financial exploitation and abuse. Our estate litigation attorneys handle cases involving guardianships and competency issues, contested wills, trust fraud, and financial abuse of an elder. We handle trust litigation involving fraud, trustee bad faith, and unclear beneficiaries. Our Cary estate litigation attorneys have decades of experience helping people litigate complex disputes involving trusts and estates. Schedule a consultation so we can review the problem you are confronting.

Elder Law

Many people are enjoying longer lives in the 21st century. Our needs change as we age and become senior citizens. New legal issues arise. Our Cary elder law attorneys handle a broad range of legal issues specific to older adults, including long-term care planning, health care, guardianship, a medical directive, durable power of attorney, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid. We can review your specific situation and help you determine the plans you need to have in place to protect your assets and ensure that your instructions are clear should you become incapacitated.

Contact an Experienced Cary Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate planning lawyer at Brady Cobin Law Group, PLLC can analyze your situation, discuss your goals and offer smart estate tax planning strategies to minimize the effect of inheritance and gift taxes. We have helped many North Carolina families plan for the future and navigate the probate process after the loss of a loved one. Contact us today to learn how we can assist your family.

We offer set fees for some estate planning and administration matters, as well as contingency fee arrangements for some estate litigation issues.

Have a question or concern about a will or estate matter? Contact a friendly and knowledgeable estate attorney at Brady Cobin Law Group today. To schedule a consultation, please contact us at 919-355-9141 or contact us online.

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